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Credit card lost – what should I do?


If you lose your own credit card, your heart rate will go faster and you will inevitably ask yourself what to do. The likelihood that the credit card will be lost is actually not that low. Most people always have their credit cards in their wallets. Theft but also negligence can be a reason that the wallet is lost. In this case, of course, the credit card also disappeared. If you come across a fraudster, you may see high costs, because the credit card data makes it easy to shop online.

It is therefore important to react as quickly as possible. If a credit card is lost, there is a general number that can be used for all credit cards. Immediately after determining the loss, you should be informed here. The number can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The credit card can be blocked within a short time. The credit card holder also has proof that he reacted quickly. If losses nevertheless occur, such proof can be particularly important.


The correct behavior when losing a credit card

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The number is not only valid for the credit card. Even if you have lost your money card, you can call this number and make sure that it is blocked as quickly as possible.

If the checking card or credit card is lost, for example if you lose your entire wallet, you should also contact the police. Here is the special area KUNO. KUNO is the abbreviation for the fight against crime in non-cash payments using non-police organizational structures. If the loss of a card is reported here, a report is made to the registration office so that the stolen cards can no longer be used to pay.


Liability for damage caused by loss of a credit card

lost credit card

If a credit card is lost, damage can of course always occur. For example, if you do not notice the loss directly and do not have the card blocked immediately, you will probably find large amounts on the next statement that you did not make yourself. In this case, it is natural to think about who will actually pay for these costs. With the credit card, it is usually the case that there is a kind of deductible, which is around 150 dollars. If the damage exceeds this amount, the customer is not liable. In some cases there are even credit card providers that do not require the customer to pay at all. However, it is necessary to be able to prove that the loss was actually reported immediately after the loss was noticed.

In addition, the customer must use prima facie evidence to prove that he did not act negligently. This would be the case, for example, if he had kept the credit card and the associated PIN in a wallet.


What to do if your credit card was lost?

credit card was lost?

In general, it is advisable to note the time and location directly in the event of a loss, call the number for the block and have the name of the person given on the phone. With sufficient evidence, the bank can then assume that the credit card holder has done everything necessary to ensure that the card can be blocked quickly and therefore not responsible for any losses. This means that the bank can assume the damage.

Note: Anyone who may be on vacation when the credit card is stolen and urgently needs a card can also have a card temporarily issued. In most cases, these cards can then be picked up from a branch of the credit card provider with proof.

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