3 Ways Marketers Can Increase Email Engagement

Email engagement can be a major issue for brands in an oversaturated digital world. So it’s no surprise that less than 60% of marketers believe their campaigns are successful, according to Smart Insights. But the main problem doesn’t seem to be the content of their emails. Instead, it seems to come from outdated messaging frameworks and communication tactics.

“Part of the problem is that inboxes are overflowing,” said Matt Harris, co-founder and CEO of messaging builder Dyspatch, in his session at our MarTech conference. “People are receiving more emails than ever before, so it’s an increasing challenge for you to compete in the inbox, let alone get the engagement you need. “

Full inboxes are only one aspect of low engagement; the other element is non-interactive media.

“The other part of the problem has to do with the evolution of technology,” he said.

Picture: Dyspatch

Harris asked viewers to think about how people use phones today, noting how they differ from traditional email formats. “We have evolved to a point where people use their phones more than a desktop computer. We use apps, we use gestures like swipe – click to expand and zoom – which is an active and engaging experience. In contrast, email is still a static medium and hasn’t changed much since the introduction of HTML.

“You have to change the messaging experience; make it non-static and app-like by bringing the same kind of interactivity people are used to in the inbox, ”he added.

To that end, Harris has provided marketers with useful ways to transform their customers’ inbox experiences using the latest messaging technology.

Interactive loan sliders, mortgage calculators or quizzes

One of the most important things that modern email lacks are the interactive elements. These features can help brands introduce this app-like quality into their communications, fostering deeper engagement.

Online Loan Marketplace LendingTree introduced interactive sliders in their email campaign; Harris highlighted how this change revolutionized their customer experience: “They use AMP to share an interactive personal loan slider directly in an email. This is a next-level engagement technique – it’s hard to resist trying it in the email. Users can see exactly what their loan would look like without ever leaving the inbox.

interactive email slider
Image: Dyspatch

He added: “With this experience, they [LendingTree] saw an 86% increase in click-through rate, so we know that using AMP has given them results.

Harris recommends that marketers apply this principle of interactivity to a variety of messaging applications, whether they use AMP or some other technology.

Custom upselling

New messaging technologies can help marketers sell more products to customers by recommending items similar to the ones they’ve viewed. When applied to emails, brands have the ability to add a personalized touch to consumer messages.

“You can apply it to your emails today by sharing personalized suggestions based on what’s in their cart at that time,” Harris said.

Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products on average, so it would be unwise to overlook these upselling opportunities. Emails can help brands generate personalized upsells before, during, and after a purchase.

Live Shipment Notification Emails

Instead of sending out numerous shipping update emails which could lead to customer disengagement, new technologies allow marketers to update these messages in real time, in a single email. mail.

“You would no longer have to send multiple shipping notification emails,” Harris said. “You can only send one and it would update to show the latest status of a package. Each time a user opens the email, they don’t have to click multiple pages to see an update.

“Email engagement has steadily declined in recent years,” he added. “To stay relevant in the inbox and continue to deliver a high ROI, brands need to reinvent email as an interactive app-like experience. “

He added, “Implementing these emails will help your brand stand out in those crowded inboxes and increase engagement. “

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