ALBA-Mouvements calls for regional unity in Argentina

Since Wednesday, some 300 delegates from more than 23 countries have analyzed issues such as integration, inclusion, internationalism, the ideological-cultural battle, decolonization, the defense of Mother Earth, the sovereignty of peoples and the economy of well-being.

After two years marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and in a context where the crisis of the capitalist system is worsening, the popular movements have come together to better understand the situation and define a work plan in relation to the existing challenges, Manuel Bertoldi, a member of the event’s secretariat and the Frente Patria Grande, told Prensa Latina.

He also explained that among the main challenges analyzed were the strengthening of integration based on popular mobilization and the strategic tasks related to political formation, the consolidation of the communication strategy and solidarity with the struggles and resistances in the territories. from the continent.

We reaffirm our identity as grassroots organizations fighting for a project of emancipation and socialism throughout Our America. We advocate unity to face imperialist actions against the left, he said.

For his part, Pascual Manganiello, of the Argentinian Syndicate of Pharmacy, denounced the misdeeds of the monopolies and the interference of the United States.


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