Alberta Regional Railway on Track to Negotiate Right of Way Access

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Airdrie, Alberta, August 11, 2021 ( – The Alberta Regional Rail (ARR) will connect cities between Calgary and Edmonton this decade. Talks have progressed with the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB). Alberta Regional Rail is encouraged by CIB’s recent announcement that its long-term goal of investing $ 5 billion in public transit remains on track. Canada’s federal government has also committed just under $ 2 billion per year in new transit funding over eight years.

ARR has sourced hydrogen fuel cell locomotives and is reviewing specifications and lease financing with a North American rolling stock manufacturer. Alberta Regional Rail has also consulted with government and industry stakeholders as part of its zero emission growth plan.

ARR is building a regional transportation system that meets people’s needs, bringing commuters from suburbs and outlying municipalities to downtown in the morning and home after work. The regional highway and highway network is congested, and Alberta Regional Rail has the potential to provide significant new travel options in the Calgary-Edmonton corridor.

Thomas Fryer, Chief Engineer, adds “We will develop and implement an integrated transportation system that improves prosperity, sustainability and quality of life. The main effort contains specific strategies to create a regional advantage in transport, including strengthening the region’s global competitiveness, protecting the environment and improving the quality of life for people and the community.

Although the ARR service has many unique characteristics, it has similarities to suburban and regional rail systems in other urban areas in North America and around the world. These systems generally have the following basic characteristics:

– Frequent service
– CFR compliant rolling stock
– Mainly surface railways
– Good connections and integration with local public transport

“A passenger rail service offers the possibility of acting as a test bed and a showcase for emerging and future technologies. Through our strategic sourcing initiative, we have identified partners and rolling stock that will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells and other innovative technologies, ”said Global Sourcing Director Vern Raincock.

ARR will invest in track and signal upgrades with Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and CN to improve the rail corridor and the existing links between towns and villages between Calgary and Edmonton, relieving highways and roads overcrowded. With the population of the Calgary – Edmonton corridor poised to grow, Alberta Regional Rail provides one of the most important means of meeting the region’s transportation needs.

With a 10-year infrastructure investment program, ARR will provide passengers and couriers with faster and more convenient transit as the system grows.

The Calgary – Edmonton corridor is a center of economic and cultural vitality and strong communities. The region is a privileged place of life for newcomers to Canada, a beacon for young people who wish to launch their careers and a safe, stable and pleasant place for parents raising their children.

Thomas Fryer confirms that “the integrated travel system we are designing will provide residents and visitors to the Calgary-Edmonton corridor with links to local transit and Alberta international airports via an affordable regional rail network. The scenery is superb along the way and the regional rail network stops in communities that offer interesting attractions, entertainment and hospitality ”.

“Some of the attractions that our travel system will connect include:

– The Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin

– Maskwa Park in Maskwacis

– The Ellis ornithological farm in Lacombe

– Bower Ponds in Red Deer

– Botanical gardens in Olds

– Festival of Lights in Airdrie »

“In a nutshell, the travel system will benefit the Wild Rose region,” said Vern Raincock “by providing a sustainable system of innovative, affordable, reliable and safe mobility options for our residents and visitors that improves the quality of life and stimulates the development economy as well as the Calgary-Edmonton Wild Rose corridor.

Charles Adler and Corus Entertainment invited Alberta Regional Rail to discuss Hyper-Loop and our #Green and #CanadienCommonSense alternative to Alberta Passenger Rail.

Passenger Rail Development in Alberta On Track Between Edmonton and Calgary

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