Alberto Fernández claimed the need “to explore all options” in a “multipolar world”

President Alberto Fernandez underlined, in an interview with the Russian news agency Sputnik, “the right and the need” that Argentina has to “consider all your options in a multipolar world”. At the same time, he spoke in favor of strengthening regional integration through Mercosur and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and said that the objective is “to position the Argentina at different levels which are not opposed but rather complementary”. .

“Argentina has the right and the need, in a multipolar world, to explore all the possibilities that allow us to grow and overcome this crisis“, affirmed the president in dialogue with the Russian agency. In this context, he spoke about his recent tour of the Russian Federation, China and Barbados and underlined that “it was a very important trip because in this world, with a pandemic of coronavirus which continues to crack down on all humanity, face-to-face meetings between presidents are exceptional and unusual”.

“I thought it appropriate to accept the invitations of world leaders not only to exchange views on how to overcome this critical moment the world is going through, but also to agree on areas of work that will lead to investment and development for Argentines“He added in that sense.

In turn, continued the Head of State, the Argentine government hopes strengthen regional relations through organizations such as Mercosur and CELAC with the aim of positioning the country “at different levels, not opposed but rather complementary”.

“The complexity of this multipolar world requires dialogue and coordination with everyone, since the objective is peace and the country’s distance from any conflict,” insisted Fernandez. In this scenario, Argentina is also “a State that seeks to take advantage of all the opportunities that allow us to get out of the debt crisis and be able to grow”, noted the President, after recalling that “Foreign policy is only legitimate if it seeks to improve the lives of Argentines“.

Economic relations with Russia

Asked about the economic relations between Argentina and Russia, framed by the strategic association signed by the two countries in 2015, he said that “The visit of the delegation of Russian businessmen to Argentina in December was very important”.

“Many companies with investments in Argentina intend to increase them and others are analyzing their establishment and investments in the country,” the president revealed.

In the delegation that went to Buenos Aires, there was “representatives of banks and companies in the renewable energy, infrastructure and railway sectors” and, as Fernandez confirmed, in his recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, both agreed on the “need to consolidate this flow of investments”.

“We have taken the decision to revitalize the bilateral relationship by mainly following this path. Technology transfer is key to adding value to our exports”concluded the Head of State.

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