Coronavirus has created an obstacle course for safe abortions

Anti-abortion governors in Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Iowa, and Alabama listed abortions as “non-essential” practices and argued that they should be carried out threaten Providing medical resources and protective equipment amid the pandemic.

That medical community pushed back, drive off a flurry of complaints to keep the services running.

But some women ran across state lines to circumvent the new restrictions. One traveled from Arkansas to Kansas via Oklahoma before she could terminate her pregnancy.

“I firmly believe this is a coordinated movement among the anti-abortion people,” said Julie Burkhart, founder and executive director of Trust Women, which runs a clinic in Oklahoma City and another in Wichita, Kansas, according to Pandemic that abortion is not considered essential to discussing access control laws.

In her clinics, she said, the number of women seeking abortions has increased, many of them from other states. “We saw over 250 patients in a week,” she said, compared to the usual 40 patients per week per clinic.

Dr. Kanem of the United Nations Agency said the approaches in the United States, where the abortion debate is highly polarized, and in Europe, where governments have failed to prioritize the health needs of women, can both produce “terrible results . ”

She added, “Women and girls shouldn’t be pushed to the end of the line.”

Matina Stevis-Gridneff and Monika Pronczuk reported from Brussels, and Alisha Haridasani Gupta from New York. Christopher Schuetze contributed the reporting from Berlin.

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