Designing innovative ways to market the nation – Dr Kasser Tee urges marketers

Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) National President Dr Daniel Kasser Tee called on marketers to design innovative ways to significantly contribute to the growth and development of the country.

Speaking on the theme “Repositioning Ghana Globally as Africa’s Best Democracy in Contemporary Era” at the 31st CIMG President’s Ball in Accra, he argued that despite the successful democratic journey of the country, it has not marketed enough to become the essential destination in Africa for investors; hence the need for marketers to bring their expertise.

He added that it is imperative for marketers under the CIMG Act of 2020 (Act 1021) to set the agenda for their marketing practice, uphold the role and value of the profession as a tool. essential for business development and to support government in policy making. and regulations for marketing Ghana.

According to him, the theme is a call to action for the country and all units operating within, be it the public or private sector, to actively work to reposition the country as a radiant democracy, reasonably and relatively matured relative to its peers, to attract the attention of the global investment community, including tourists and other leisure travelers.

“Tonight’s theme was chosen to provoke marketing thinking and to draw attention to Ghana’s beautiful democratic journey – to which the world has not paid enough attention, and Ghana alone has not. no longer marketed well enough.

“It places a heavy responsibility on us, as marketers, to design innovative ways to significantly contribute to the growth and development of the country. We are mandated to do so under Sections 3 (a, b and c) of the Law of 2020 (Law 1021). When done effectively, this will serve as the brightest indicator for blue chip global companies and the wider investment community to seek progressive collaborations and partnerships across different sectors of Ghana’s economy ”, a- he declared.

He hinted that, among other things, the country benefits from an attractive investment destination, political stability, a robust and sanitized banking sector – as well as public infrastructure and institutions, adding that these factors deserve to be marketed to the world.

Development in telecoms

For his part, the chairman of the ceremony, MTN Ghana-CEO Selorm Adadevoh reiterated that the role of traders is important in selling the country to the world and also in development. He added that his team is committed to the development and growth of the marketing profession and has partnered over the years with CIMG to share their knowledge on technological interventions that can energize the profession.

He recalled that in the future, technology will define the practice of many professions. “With this in mind, MTN Ghana has committed over US $ 1 billion to Network Infrastructure and Information Systems (NIIS) over the next five years, to support Ghana’s digital agenda. and position the country as a leader in the continent’s digital transformation, “he said.

He also alluded to the need for various ideas to improve the capacity of telecommunications, in order to adequately respond to changing demands.

The ceremony also saw two fellows, 18 full members, 17 associates and an emerging member inducted as members of CIMG. Citizens have also been urged to get vaccinated, as this remains the safest bet to limit the spread of the pandemic and possibly overcome it.

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