Ethiopia: GERD crucial for strengthening regional integration – Abiy

Addis Ababa – The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will play a crucial role in strengthening regional integration, according to Abiy Ahmed, who was sworn in as prime minister today.

Speaking at his inaugural ceremony in Meskel Square, he said the dam will play a crucial role for regional integration and strengthening the neighborhood, in addition to its multiple social and economic benefits at the national level.

“For us Ethiopians, the Abbay River has enormous significance despite its economic benefits. Abbay is a symbol of our rise and a demonstration that we can defend ourselves, ”he stressed.

The prime minister added: “All Ethiopians have pledged to complete the dam by contributing with their low income.”

Stating that the dam will be successfully completed, Abiy reiterated that since the neighboring countries and the children of Abbay understand this fact, Ethiopia and the Ethiopians are always ready for a win-win approach and aim to strengthen regional integration. .

Regarding the economic sector, the Prime Minister said his government is ready to work to ensure equitable economic growth that creates many jobs for citizens and reduces inflation.

The government is fully aware that low-income citizens suffer a lot from inflation, and the administration will give top priority to reducing these pressures from citizens in the years to come, Abiy said.

He stressed that all declared goals will be executed by making full use of the implementation capacity and commitment of the new government and not just sitting around and dreaming.

“We have to adapt well to the culture of starting and ending activities with full commitment to achieve all of our ambitions,” said Abiy.

The Prime Minister also stressed that corruption will be seen as a threat to security and survival and that the new government will work on the issue with the highest priority for years to come.

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