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Make money in Cyberpunk 2077 is valuable for many different reasons.

The first time you get into Cyberpunk 2077, you need to know one thing: money – also known as vortex in Night City – is king.

Sometimes it’s just about getting the best clothes, for some it’s the weapons and sometimes you just need to get as much money as you can for quests that require it.

Whatever the reason, money is definitely something you should invest your time in, and it’s easy to make money thanks to the incredible amount of activity available in Night City. So in that sense How to Make Money Fast in Cyberpunk 2077?

The easiest way to make money without preparation in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk’s main campaign is pretty short compared to The Witcher 3, CD Projekt’s other Red game. But it can easily get out of hand if you opt for side jobs and gigs, small quests and jobs that are given to V that are useful for both making EXP and money.

Some of these gigs only last a few minutes. So if you are in dire need of cash, we recommend recording a gig to earn extra vortices to fill your pockets with.

Some of these gigs and part-time jobs can be found in your journal, but some will only be given to you if you are near the location of the quest. This is where your card comes in. Open the card, then set your legend to only show jobs.

You will know when you are in the right environment because only Jobs have the same iconic yellow from Cyberpunk 2077.

Once you find a job that looks interesting, keep track of it and then go to the location to start it.

However, after that you will be rewarded with eddies depending on whether you are doing a gig or a side job, the rate of these eddies may differ, but most gigs or side jobs will give you a rate of 1500 or more.


Some offer a higher price, but that’s impossible to tell until you start the part-time job. If there’s more to do than “Go X to get Y” then the opportunity to break the 1500 Eddie mark is likely.

Another thing to keep in mind is the balance of loot and vertebrae that you get in quests. Sometimes the vertebrae can be small, but the loot you get is very valuable – e.g. rare weapons and clothing, and can be sold for around 500-1000 vertebrae.

Some part-time job gigs that stand out for the fact that you get at least 3,000 pegs – and sometimes new items too – are the following jobs:

  • The gig – brings you new cybernetics and 3400 vortices
  • Tune Up – 3000 vertebrae
  • Epistrophy – Each part-time job on this mission gives at least 1000 vortices and there are a total of 7 part-time jobs. You will also receive 3400 vertebrae upon completion, which brings you around the 12k mark in total

There’s a lot more, but these three quests stand out the most as you can pretty much find them and complete them once you start Act 2.

Other ways to make money in Cyberpunk 2077, from exploits to selling items

In addition to the above method of making money, there are technically “better” methods that require some preparation.

Craft and sell

Cyberpunk 2077’s crafting system is pretty easy to understand, which makes it an incredibly powerful tool if you’re interested in getting both EXP and money by creating weapons and mods that sell well.

Even if you haven’t invested too much in improving your craft, it still has the potential to make you a serious stir.


So how do you invest in the craft? Go to your crafting page and you will see a number of different schemes. Focus on the green schemes, be it guns, clothes or something else – just focus on the quality and rarity.

Once you see an item that will bring you a profit – click on the item and it should show you the monetary value in the lower right corner – then craft it.

Not only will you get around in the 160 to 270 range making uncommon / rare weapons, which can be lucrative when you make a handful of weapons and / or quickhacks, but you’ll also gain crafting experience that will help you level up quickly. The best from both worlds!

Once made, sell the items to your local dealer and repeat the process until you have some serious eddy to give out.

But remember, when deciding which manufacturing route to take, it can be quite time consuming if you haven’t gathered enough components or junk to disassemble. The vortices are worth it, of course, but getting the supplies won’t be a walk in the park either.

Take advantage of the dissemble vending machine drinks

Despite the title and the fact that it is currently a popular method with many players, this “exploitation” is not all it is supposed to be. First, we’ll explain what the exploit is, and then we’ll go into detail about why it’s a good exploit, but you should focus your time and energy on gigs and part-time jobs instead.


Very simple: look for a vending machine and buy a drink for 10 rolls. Then disassemble the parts, which can sell for 30-50 vertebrae depending on the rarity of the components you get. Now you can either go to other vending machines in town or stick to one vending machine and rinse and repeat after saving and reloading a few times to get the drinks back.

This may seem like the easiest way to get vertebrae, but it’s also the most time consuming, as the amount and quality of the components you get back from each drink will vary – meaning you won’t always get the best amount of vertebrae back . Take this drink below for example.


It costs 10 vertebrae, and if you disassemble it, there is a high chance you can get around 2-6 common and unusual pieces. Adjusting drinks will seldom get you past uncommon rarity, which is why this exploit is an ‘okay’ method for us and not ‘do 10/10 right away’.

Let’s say you’ve done this for a lot of beverages and are around the 300 mark when it comes to unusual / common components. You’re going to a vendor or drop-off point – the closest vendor that is close to a good selection of vending machine locations is all in V’s apartment area, so we recommend doing this exploit there and not anywhere else in Night City. and sell all the components you have.

It sounds simple and easy. But this is how much we got personally from the sale of all 334 of my unusual parts (2672 vertebrae):


A paltry amount of money that you could make in 5-10 minutes with NCPD gigs and side jobs. It’s a fun exploit and can make you money if you are patient, but we would really recommend just sticking to Cyberpunk 2077’s side quests or making weapons instead. (It’s also possible that this ‘exploit’ will be patched at some point – so maybe use it while you can!)

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Looting in Cyberpunk 2077

As one great video game character once said, “loot the corpses”. The same goes for Cyberpunk 2077 here, because as indicated by the different colored boxes that indicate the rarity of the loot, some loot will really help you get some spare vertebrae in your pocket.

For a quick example of the range of vortices for your prey, you can sell an ordinary weapon for around 50 vortices, while an extremely rare weapon can sell between the 2.5k-5k mark. The deviation is to be expected.

Much like crafting, looting bodies isn’t exactly glamorous, but it can be rewarding if you’re willing to make the effort.


Finally, there are two advantages to looting: you can find rare loot and sell it right away for some serious whirlwind, or you can use the loot, as mentioned above – that can be weapons, clothing, junk, practically anything you pick up – to disassemble and to create some incredible items that you can sell.

No matter what you do with loot, it’s a win / win situation.

The only thing to be careful about is carrying too much loot as you will end up being overwhelmed.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to get the fuss you want and need – but nothing beats doing your best with the side jobs and gigs scattered around Night City.

It can be time consuming after a while, yes, but if you’re looking for the best of the best then this job is 100% worth it.

We have pages for more Cyberpunk 2077 system explanations XP and levels and improve yours credibility.

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