How to send money to and from the Netherlands

Do you live in the Netherlands or are you moving here? In the end, you will likely end up transferring money from your bank account in your country of birth to one Dutch bank account, or the other way around. Maybe you need the money to rent an apartment or buy a house in the Netherlands, or maybe you want to make sure your Family and children are taken care of. Whatever the reason, the following advice applies.

Send money to and from the Netherlands via online transfer

Traditional banks often charge excessive fees. So it’s no wonder that it is becoming increasingly popular to send money abroad via online transfers. After all, it’s fast, secure, and inexpensive.

Popular money transfer providers and services

The following companies offer competitive online money transfer rates:

How can you send money abroad?

Online money transfer services can save you not only money but also time. A personal visit to your bank is not necessary. Instead, just open your browser on your laptop, smartphone or tablet and transfer the money with just a few clicks using your favorite online transfer service.

Sending & receiving money from abroad: how does it work?

How to send money online:

Open a bank account

It is very easy to open an account once you have decided which online transfer service you want to use. Just create an account on their website and fill in some necessary details like your date of birth and your email address. Some online remittance services also want to verify your identity.

Select delivery option and quantity

In the next step you provide further details, e.g. B. the amount you want to send, the currency of your money and what currency you want to convert it into. Usually, this step also allows you to indicate if you want it to be a quick transfer or if it can take a few days.

Add recipient details

Of course, you not only have to provide your own details, but also those of your recipient, such as name and account number. So have this information ready.


Have you added all the necessary information? You can now pay the money by credit or debit card or by regular bank transfer to the transfer company of your choice. To make sure the money goes to the right place, you may need to enter a special reference number.

End the transfer

The transfer company will start transferring your funds once they have received your payment. The transfer can of course take a few days, depending on the selected service. Once the recipient has received the money, you will receive a notification.

How long do money transfers take?

A money transfer can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1-2 working days. It all depends on the money transfer service of your choice. Bank-to-bank transfers often take longer, especially if you’re sending money outside of the EU. Cash transfer options like Western Union only take a few minutes. For online transfers, larger amounts often take longer (up to a few days)

Do you need your money fast? Transfer money early in the morning on a weekday, as most banks have an early afternoon cut-off time. Note the term “working days”.

Costs for sending money abroad: fees, surcharges and tariffs

How much you end up paying for a money transfer service is determined by a combination of the following four factors:

  • How fast you want to transfer the money
  • How much money you are transferring
  • What currencies you are using and the exchange rate at the time of transfer
  • How much your bank or transfer company will charge you for their service

Always check the total cost. Sometimes a company will charge really low fees, but the exchange rate may be very high so you will still end up paying more! So be careful when choosing a transfer service.

How do markups work?

What exactly is markup? Here is an example: If the interbank exchange rate from euros to US dollars is 1,113, for example, and a certain service offers 1,083, they charge a surcharge of 0.03 dollars per euro – the equivalent of 2.69 percent. before service fees and additional commissions are added. This is how money transfer services make a profit.

How to Get the Best Exchange Rates

Of course, you want to get the best possible exchange rates, which means it’s a good idea to do your research. Why not use one of the comparison tools above? And for a real comparison, always pay attention to the total amount that the recipient receives.

Transferring foreign currency abroad: how does it work?

If you’re looking to save money sending money to and from the Netherlands, here are some handy tips!

Send larger quantities

Try not to send small amounts multiple times, but rather send a large amount of money once. This is almost always cheaper!

Don’t pay for speed

Transferring money quickly costs money. So, to save money, just plan ahead and choose the longer time frame as an option.

Pay attention to minimum transfer amounts

If you want to send a smaller amount, be sure to check whether the online transfer company of your choice offers this, as some companies do not allow you to go below a minimum amount.

Consider transfer options

If your transfer is not time sensitive, some transfer brokers offer you the option to set an optimal exchange rate so that your money will only be sent when that optimal exchange rate is reached. This can save you a lot of money!

From “AUD to Euro” and “Euro to INR” and to “CHF to Euro” and “Euro to Zar”

Online money transfer providers allow you to send money to almost any country in the world. Apart from dollars and pounds in euros and vice versa, you can convert money into other currencies such as “CAD in euros”, “RAND in euros”, “Zloty in euros”, “HUF in euros”, “euros in rupiah”, “euros in tsar.” ” and many more.

Tools that international exchange providers offer

In addition to the ability to transfer your money between different countries and currencies, international exchange offices offer the following services, such as:

  • Real-time comparisons
  • Tips on transferring money
  • Currency charts
  • Rate notifications
  • Currency converter
  • Glossaries of Terms

Business transfers & international payments for the self-employed

Are you a freelancer or do you have one Business in the Netherlands? In this case, you may need to send money to and from the Netherlands. Of course, you can use your business account, but specialized foreign exchange providers often offer better rates for business transfers than banks.

Alternative ways to send money abroad

If you don’t want to send your money over that Internet, there are other ways to send your money abroad, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. You can go to your bank, as they often charge a flat rate for international transfers, but also offer higher exchange rates. You can also use a cash pickup service where the recipient can collect their money from a physical location. There are also mobile money providers that allow people to make money through their. to receive, store and output mobile.

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