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Washington proposed yesterday to suspend the tariffs initially put in place by Donald Trump. An agreed quota of steel and aluminum would be allowed to enter the United States duty-free each year.

The proposed deal in Japan mirrors a similar deal reached with the EU in October.

Brussels and the United States have agreed that tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum will not be activated until quotas are reached.

While the US has offered a truce with the EU and Japan, no such deal has been given to the UK.

The measures were imposed on Britain while it was still part of the EU trading bloc.


President Joe Biden’s decision to leave the UK out in the cold as it makes deals with other parts of the world will infuriate the government.

As recently as last week, Commerce Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan had discussions over steel while in the United States.

She said: “We had a very frank conversation.”

“I have been very clear that the pressures we are under to use compensatory measures if we cannot solve the problem are becoming more and more acute,” added the Minister.

“I am very keen that we resolve this issue with our closest ally in the United States through positive suppression.”

It was widely reported that the United States continued to avoid the United Kingdom in its talks as punishment for Lord Frost’s approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol negotiations.

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Mr Biden has repeatedly warned the prime minister not to do anything that might undermine the Good Friday deal.

While Britain argues the peace process is compromised by the protocol, the US has sided with the EU in saying this is the only way to ensure respect for the Friday deal. Holy.

Lord Frost has threatened to suspend aspects of the protocol if Brussels does not renegotiate the deal.

A spokesperson for the Department of International Trade confirmed the United States’ position by responding: “We see no connection to this particular issue and the Northern Ireland Protocol and it will not affect the Kingdom’s approach in any way. -United.

“This is because significant changes are needed to the protocol in order to protect the Belfast Agreement (Good Friday) and Northern Ireland’s place in the UK domestic market.”

Last month, Gareth Stace, chief executive of industry body UK Steel, warned that US favoritism towards other countries would have a negative impact on Britain.

He said: “On January 1, steelmakers in the EU will enjoy a significant price advantage over their UK counterparts.

“Already customers in the US will factor January 2022 prices into their plans for next year, which, of course, risks the UK industry losing market share in the US to EU exporters. “

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