Kenya: Kibicho launches new attack on courts following bail orders

Nairobi – Senior Home Secretary Karanja Kibicho has launched another attack on the judiciary, accusing courts of viewing bail requests as a stumbling block to the government’s agenda.

Kibicho, who spoke on Wednesday at the inaugural conference on “The place of confessional institutions and leaders in the promotion of peaceful coexistence before the general elections of 2022” accused the judges and magistrates of “not cooperating with the government “, Asking them to find” means to reconcile with the government “before the general elections of 2022.

“It is the action of justice that despairs everyone, including the NCIC. I know the president if I told you to produce a list of people here that you summoned because of hate speech, they are by the hundreds but none end up in the cells a day, how will they not spread hate speech, “he said.

The colloquium organized by the National Commission for Cohesion and Integration (NCIC) brought together a section of religious and political leaders.

Kibicho said the release of politicians suspected of committing hate speech offenses weakened the morale of law enforcement officials and undermined security agencies.

“We are frustrated as law enforcement officers, because someone at the crime scene arrests them, takes them to court the next day, they are released and laugh at him. What will happen to him? to these police officers, what do you say to them… then you start to say that the police force is corrupt ”, he lamented.

“We want religious leaders to talk to our justice system so that they are reconciled with the rest of us (the executive and parliament) to enable us to hold peaceful and credible general elections and we cannot do that if we read different scripts, ”he said.

Kibicho further called on the NCIC, under the leadership of Simon Kobia, to use its constitutional mandate to take action against leaders who used hate speech during the election period.

He said the NCIC should treat hate speech with the seriousness it deserves to discourage political leaders from promoting vice.

“We need you to start biting and biting seriously. We need to hear that there is a person who has been imprisoned for 50 years. As soon as people start to assume that you are toothless, they will challenge you. bring people back to order by ensuring that there are consequences for such actions, ”Kibicho said.

Kobia, who also spoke at the event, said the NCIC is planning more forums with the association of boda bodas, women’s groups and youth to discuss ways to ensure a peaceful election period.

He stressed that religious leaders play an essential role in promoting peace in the country, adding that their contribution to the life of the population is undeniable and its consequences are considerable.

Kobia added that the commission will join with religious leaders to promote their campaign titled “Election Bila Noma” which he said envisions a peaceful and stable country before, during and after the elections.

He warned Kenyans against using social media to promote hatred, saying the commission will take serious action against those involved.

“The haters have gone online and we’ll follow them there. In fact, we’re already there and now we have no less than half a dozen of those that we were able to follow on social media thinking they might be hiding there, but we’re going to get them because we have a cutting edge technology that can identify them even if they are hiding behind fake names, ”Kobia said.

Senator Naomi Shinyonga, Senate Chairperson of National Cohesion, Equal Opportunities and Regional Integration noted the increase in hate speech cases in the country and urged religious leaders to ban leaders from ” use the pulpit to promote hate speech and discord among Kenyans.

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