Military initiative co-founded by Croatia integrated into NATO

Image: Official NATO page / Facebook

ZAGREB, 5 May 2022 – The headquarters of the Multinational Division Center (HQ MND-C), an international military initiative launched by Croatia and Hungary, has been integrated into the NATO force structure, the Croatian Ministry of Defence.

Located in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, the MND-C HQ was integrated into the NATO force structure in accordance with an activation and integration decision taken by the North Atlantic Council on May 3, said the Ministry.

The commander of HQ MND-C is Major General Denis Tretinjak.

“The integration of MND-C into NATO’s force structure completes the process of integrating this initiative into NATO’s security architecture, which will significantly contribute to strengthening the deterrence and of defense of the alliance in Europe and therefore to collective defense and crisis management”, says the ministry.

The MND-C HQ will become fully operational in 2023 when it becomes part of NATO’s plans and objectives regarding the strengthening of NATO’s regional and global security. A medium-term development plan for the period until 2032 provides for the development of its forces at the level of a division.

The creation of the MND-C HQ was initiated by Croatia and Hungary in July 2018 when the lack of Allied command and control capability in Central Europe was recognized, followed by intensive work with regional partners to establish the commandment.

Besides Croatia and Hungary as initiators, Slovakia also joined the MND-C headquarters as the third founding country.

Poland is also involved in the work of the MND-C HQ, and Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey have also expressed interest in joining.

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