People are fighting soaring commodity prices and bank closures

With thousands of people claiming Kabul airport from others fearing the new rulers without being able to leave the country, the Afghan capital has also seen a massive surge in commodity prices and the suspension of banking services since the Taliban have taken control. As chaos tightened its grip on the war-torn country since the fall of the government led by Ashraf Ghani to the insurgents, according to ANI, residents of Kabul face increased challenges due to the closure of banks and the largest exchange market Sarai Shahzada.

Apparently, former public servants and private sector employees are rocked by worries about wages as the end of the month approaches. The bank closures hit people the hardest despite having money in their respective accounts as it remains inaccessible. On August 21, Sarai Shahzada reportedly said in a statement that, as the foreign exchange market depends directly on the central bank of Afghanistan, De Afghanistan Bank, it will remain closed until the central bank resumes operations.

After the Taliban took over the country on August 15 and the banks closed, there is still no official announcement regarding the opening of government banks, although private banks have said they remain closed indefinitely. Meanwhile, governments around the world are working to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan as well as other vulnerable people.

In addition, according to reports, those familiar with the development of the situation in Afghanistan said that the leadership of the insurgent group and political leaders were continuing to negotiate the formation of the new government. However, for now, there is no clarity whether the key points have been discussed between the two parties. In addition, on Saturday, one of the founding members of the Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar arrived in Kabul to join discussions with former Afghan leaders.

6 US military planes left Kabul in 24 hours

Earlier, as thousands of people gather at Kabul airport to leave the country due to the new leadership, the Pentagon also said at least six US military C-17 jets and 32 charter flights had took off from Kabul airport in the past 24 hours carrying only 1,600 total people. Army Major General Hank Taylor told reporters on August 21 that of 17,000 evacuees since the August 15 takeover, only 2,500 were Americans. According to the Associated Press report, US officials have estimated that as many as 15,000 US nations are present in Afghanistan but do not have solid numbers.

In addition, the British military also said on August 22 that chaos at Kabul airport resulted in the deaths of seven Afghan nationals, further revealing the danger posed to those trying to flee the Taliban takeover. The deaths came as a new threat perceived by the Islamic State group’s subsidiary in Afghanistan.

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