Ping Pong Fury Review – Table tennis with a growl

There’s something about table tennis games that just works, especially on touchscreens. Swipe to hit a small ball, angle your movements to add spin, shoot to try for the perfect shot – table tennis games can be absolutely brilliant.

And Ping Pong Fury (download from the app store or Load game) no different. It offers a ball strike at the edge of the seat in short, concentrated bursts. Add in a gear collection, online multiplayer, and some great graphics, and you’re on to an absolute ace. Like the serve.

The game mainly takes place in the first person perspective. You control a hovering bat and press your finger on the screen to move it. The first player to score five points is crowned the winner and receives the prize money and a capsule full of goodies to open.

These pods contain cards that represent your gear. Get a new card to unlock a new part and get duplicate cards to upgrade gear you already have. If you’ve played Clash Royale – or really any mobile game in the last few years – you’ll understand what’s what.

You also gain fans through wins, and the more fans you have behind you, the higher up the ranks you can climb. In the higher leagues there are bigger rewards, but also bigger penalties for failure – you wager a large chunk of your money every time you play. If you lose, it goes to your opponent.

The tennis itself is pretty damn impressive. The games are fast-paced and addictive, and sometimes you can’t help but give yourself a little punch when a powerful shot grazes the edge of the table and earns you a point. It lacks a bit of the purity of Yakuto’s other table tennis game – Table Tennis Touch – but that’s the nature of the monetization model Ping Pong Fury uses.

There are advertisements here and there, as well as a season pass that you can download. Unlocking things can be sped up with gems, but if you’re patient you shouldn’t have to pay real money to get the most out of Ping Pong Fury.

This is a fast-paced and fun sports game that respects the sensibility of modern mobile gaming. It’s a lot of fun, it can be frustrating at times, and you’ll probably become terribly addicted to it. You know, in the best sense.

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