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This document reliably established that Grand Cape Mount Senator Simeon Boima Taylor showed patience as a boss by deducting fifty percent of retroactive salaries and other benefits from his staff.

Simeon Taylor of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) was finally certified by the National Election Commission as Grand Cape Mount County Senator on August 13, 2021 after months of close legal battle with ruling coalition Senator Victor Watson for democratic change.

However, after the climax of the legal battle, he and his staff received their wages and benefits for lost time; from January to August 2021.

Our sources said that prior to the disbursement, Senator Taylor passed an executive order that each staff member should give him four months of his eight month salary for County supporters during his campaign period.

According to reports, some staff members were in favor of the alleged action, while others were seriously opposed to reducing their legitimate income; describing the act reported by the senator as unfair and unacceptable.

The amount that would have been deducted from its staff would amount to approximately fifteen thousand US dollars.

Workers believed that they and their families had suffered and made a lot of sacrifices for Senator Taylor in the special Senate election on December 8, 2020; adding that it is time for them to take advantage of it.

Meanwhile, our sources in the Liberian Senate corridor said Senator Taylor has also put on hold the bank accounts of individuals who refuse to comply with his mandate.

When contacted, Senator Simeon Taylor’s office admitted the allegation, saying the decision to deduct the staff member’s wages was unanimously accepted by the office.

Responding to our request, Senator Taylor’s office administrative assistant Isaac Johnson said the move was intended to incorporate other Grand Cape Mount County supporters who have supported the senator during and after the special Senate heat of the December 8, 2020 Elections.

But, it has not been established whether Senator Simeon Taylor gave the money to supporters he claimed to be in the county and a list of beneficiaries was not seen by this newspaper.

Speaking to the newspaper on condition of anonymity, one of his supporters said the Grand Cape Mount County senator had promised to meet with them on December 27, 2021 in the county, apparently to decide what to do with the money.

Grand Cape Mount County political experts believed Senator Taylor’s action was an attempt to get rich at the expense of ailing staff who risk their lives to secure victory.

Some thought the senator should appreciate the staff for the respective roles played in his election instead of deducting their small salaries amid the country’s growing economic challenges.

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