“Surviving Anarchy” launched in Malawi – Malawi 24

Wilson Khembo’s book, Surviving Anarchy: History Challenges and Prospects for Regional Integration in Southern Africa, was launched in Malawi.

The launch took place Thursday at Ufulu Gardens in Lilongwe.

Surviving Anarchy is a book that deals with regional integration in southern Africa and its implications for economic and political governance.

The book highlights the challenges facing the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and proposes strategies to overcome these obstacles to economic development.

The author, Khembo, who is a former lieutenant in the Malawi Defense Force, said the book provides perspective on where SADC is wrong and where it is succeeding.

“I’m trying to say that things are not going well and we can make it happen, but it’s up to the leaders to appreciate the challenges we face and then try to move us forward,” Lipenga said.

Writer and former Cabinet Minister Ken Lipenga, who was critical of the book as it was written, described the book as well written and well researched. He added that the arguments in the book are well presented.

“I am proud of Wilson because he is the first Malawian to raise the subject [of regional integration in SADC] with a number of perspectives such as the economic and security outlook. That such an important topic is analyzed by one of our own is something to be proud of, ”Lipenga said.

He expressed the hope that people in positions of influence such as politicians will read the book so that its contents can inform decision making and policy formulation.

“SADC is nothing unless it makes changes in people’s lives and that’s what Wilson talks about in the book. It makes recommendations for changes to be made so that we can see the economic transformation, ”Lipenga said.

At the launch, Speaker of Parliament Catherine Gotani Hara made an offer for 10 copies, MP Noel Lipipa bought 40 copies he said he will distribute to universities while the Malawi Defense Forces also offered to ‘buy 20 copies for their library.

Khembo, the author of the book, is a UK based Malawian and owns a consultancy firm that provides security and political risk services.

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