Tax court approves fire truck offers | Local News

Fire departments will soon have new trucks, thanks to approval from the Laurel County Tax Court.

Magistrates approved pump truck bids for five county fire departments at last week’s regular monthly meeting, saying the tax court would pay $300,000 per department for the purchase. This will leave four of the five departments responsible for the rest of their purchase. Keavy Fire Department was the only department to fall below $300,000, with a bid of $299,250. The Crossroads purchase was $322,675; Swiss Colony’s was at $309,675; The campground was $303,950; and the Laurel County Fire Department was at $303,798.

The money for the new pump trucks was provided by the tax court through a COVID relief grant and was announced late last year. Individual departments then circled the trucks, with those five submitting their bids for approval.

Replacement of a concrete box culvert on Cane Branch Road was also approved. The only bidder on this was Interstate Construction, at $23,100.

The retirement of Laurel County Tourism Commissioner Caner Cornett has also created a vacancy in the county representative, which Laurel County Executive Judge David Westerfield has delegated to Jason Handy to fill the position. job. Handy is the president of the Laurel County Hotel/Motel Association and has agreed to accept the position. His mandate will expire on January 31, 2024. The magistrates approved it unanimously.

Other appointments included the annual contract with Interlynx at $1,000 per month for the calendar year. Sallie Davidson and Butch Cupp were reappointed to the Laurel County Planning Commission, and magistrates approved the IRS’ new standard mileage rate of 58.5 cents per mile. Westerfield said the rate has increased from 56 cents per mile last year.

Jeff Jones and Jamie Lynn Doan have been approved for part-time positions in the CSEPP office in London. They will not work more than 60 hours per month for a total annual income not exceeding $9,420. Funds for both positions will be offset by CSEPP funds, at no cost to the county.

The prison building fund was also discussed at Thursday’s meeting, with magistrates approving the discharge of the fund. The remaining funds of $906,000 have also been approved for transfer to the bank holding the loan for the project, with this amount being paid for principal.

Magistrates also approved the closure of Peachtree Street in District 2 and Fields Road in District 4, as well as the clarification of a 920ft section of Kemper Cemetery Road and 547ft of Moss Lane, both located in District 4.

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