The 4 best hair dryers of 2022

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Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

Our favorite hair dryer is lightweight, has a long cord, and blows the hottest, fastest air of any model we’ve tested. We like it just as much as dryers that are several times more expensive.

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*Price at time of publication $110.

Speed ​​and heat are the only features that matter in efficiently drying your hair, and with 55 mph airflow that exceeds 245 degrees Fahrenheit, it does Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer is one of the fastest and hottest dryers we’ve tested. It weighs less than a pound, it has an 8-foot cord (one of the longest we’ve found), it’s remarkably comfortable to hold, and overall has the best combination of features that we think are important – and that’s it even by far the case when you compare it to dryers that cost hundreds of dollars. The Rusk W8less comes with a concentrator that is helpful in straightening hair. However, no diffuser is included; If you’re using one for curly hair, consider our budget choice, which is faster but heavier and doesn’t get nearly as hot as the W8less.

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If you don’t care about the weight, consider that InfinitiPro by Conair 1875 Watt Salon Power AC Motor Styling Tool. Commonly found in drugstores, this dryer produces airflow that’s faster (65 mph) than our top pick and nearly as hot (205°F). However, at 1.3 pounds, it can feel heavy after holding it over your head for a few minutes. The 6-foot cord, while shorter than our other picks, is longer than most other budget hair dryers. The buttons are easy to use, but the cool-shot button is a bit small and harder to hold than the cool-shot button on our top pick. The InfinitiPro comes with both a diffuser and a concentrator.

Upgrade Choice

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

It’s expensive, but the unique design makes it exceptionally comfortable to use: there’s no vibration whatsoever, and the easy-to-change magnetic tips make styling easy.

If you’re ready to treat yourself to a dryer, consider this one Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. It has always been our favorite since we first tested it in 2016. With an airflow of 88 mph and a temperature of over 245°F (the hottest temperature our weather gauge could record), the Supersonic doesn’t dry hair faster than our pick, but it’s more comfortable to use in almost every way due to its unique design . The motor sits in the handle, making the nozzle shorter and easier to manoeuvre. The handle doesn’t vibrate at all, which wasn’t the case with other “luxury” models we tested. It has a long 9ft cord and is quieter than other dryers. It also comes with two magnetically attaching concentrators and a diffuser, all of which are exceptionally easy to add or remove during blowouts.

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It’s expensive, it’s bulky, and it works—quickly and gently. The RevAir is worth considering for brittle hair or hair that is difficult to blow-dry with a conventional hair dryer.

Another expensive dryer that RevAir, is unlike any other heat styling tool we’ve tested. Especially for those with type 3 or 4 curl patterns, this vacuum-like device is gentle on delicate strands and can significantly reduce overall drying time. A tester who would normally require two consecutive appointments with a professional stylist at Drybar now achieves similar drying and straightening results in just 20 minutes with the RevAir. The entire corded machine has an exceptionally large footprint compared to most other dryers: It weighs about 10 pounds total and is the size of a small microwave. The handstick attached to the hose alone weighs more than our heavier dryer picks (around 2 pounds), but we’ve found that’s not particularly a problem as very little movement is required to use it.

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