The best of Angels in Parade in 2021

Did you know that this website was launched 10 years ago? That’s right, a lifetime ago this site, with a different name and covering a completely different MLS team, started. For almost 11 years, there have been ups, downs and a lot of changes. A bit like 2021!

Well I have stayed and so far no team has gone (although we are adding a new team, Angel City FC!) As we wait another damn year, let’s take one last look back before we say good riddance and hope we don’t get fooled again – maybe 2022 will be better, one way or another.

Here’s a look back at the best of Angels on Parade in 2021:

  • Why we need to celebrate National Girls and Women in Sport Day: There are so many invented vacations, and I had barely heard of this one before, but on second thought, it made some sense to think about supporting non-men in sport, all year round.
  • Orange County SC keen to get involved in women’s football: I’m still waiting for an announcement, hopefully the OCSC field a girls’ team, but here they’re laying out their intentions to make their way to the pros for the girls.
  • Let’s watch Brian Rodriguez on his loan: To his credit, Rodriguez ended up returning to LAFC and appeared to linger, but his loan to Almería certainly seemed like a red flag for the young professional.
  • LAFC keep dropping points, and it’s been costly: Wow, talk about foreshadowing. But that first look at LAFC’s penchant for spitting points really foreshadowed the outcome of the campaign, well below the playoffs, remarkably.
  • Angel City FC coach candidate emerges and supporters are not thrilled: This was the first explanation of what happened with the ACFC looking to hire its first head coach, and why fans rejected hiring a man. In the end, it was, by another club, while Angel City hired a woman, Freya Coombe.
  • Sport is a business, but is a trend emerging with the departures of LAFC? We added a personal editor this year! Trebor brought it from the jump, and here he wondered if LAFC letting the good players walk away in a rather unhappy manner was getting a little too consistent.
  • The Magic of MLS on display at the MLS All-Star Game: Sadly, I got sick during Star Week and had to watch the dang stuff at home (a COVID breakthrough, maybe), but Trebor captures the thrill of experiencing a unique part of MLS culture.
  • Carlos Vela on his basketball fanhood: I had fun talking to Carlos about what makes him like us: his openly rabid basketball fan.
  • The movement to protect NWSL players must be the guiding principle of the league: If you need a recap of all the truly puzzling scandals that have plagued the league (up to this point) in 2021 and some thoughts on how to do it, fans urging player protection must be the message , all day everyday.
  • The title of champion of Orange County SC for a decade: We covered a team that won a league title in 2021, don’t forget! The OCSC notched their first star with a dominant underdog victory in the USL Championship final, and it gave me the opportunity to reflect on our journey together.

Thanks, as always, for reading! Good year!

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