These almost new performance cars are absolute bargains

The world of high performance Sports car is filled with swamp, at least for consumers. Often times the best and most sought-after vehicles are the newest and fastest versions that as expensive as it is fast. And while used performance cars tend to be cheap, they come with a high risk of malfunction and repair costs.

For the average auto enthusiast (like us), the chance of getting an expensive, brand-new sports car for a reasonable price is slim. However, there is an alternative. No it is not get an old classic, but an almost new model – one written off enough to be worth the money and time.

To show that these cars do indeed exist, we’ve rounded up some of the best all-new performance cars that make excellent bargains!

8th 2016 BMW M240i – $ 35,000

BMW M240i
Driving approx

At the upper end of the “affordable” scale, of course, we have a foreign manufacturer. None other than Germany-based BMW and its previous 1 Series replacement, the 2017 BMW M240i.

BMW M240i rear section

Due to the fact that this is still a BMW, the 2 Series won’t be as affordable as the rest of our picks. With that extra cash, however, comes a far superior interior and exterior design along with a well-built engine that has been tuned by Bavaria’s largest automotive division – BMW M.

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7th Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti – $ 38,000

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti parked

Alfa Romeo has become one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Italy. While previously known for their unreliability (as were the handful of legendary racing drivers), they have since evolved into a mix of affordable and fast performance vehicles. Our favorite by far is the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti rear section
History of the car camera

The Giulia is available in several equipment variants: as the basic model Giulia, Giulia Ti, Giulia Quadrifoglio and Giulia GTA. In terms of affordability, our attention turns to the Ti. It’s a middle ground between the fastest and the most economical version, a fantastic start for anyone looking for an authentic Italian sports car.

6th 2019 Dodge Challenger R / T – $ 35,000

2019 Dodge Challenger RT lineup
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Dodge is currently one on one in muscle car remakes. You may have failed recapture the spirit of the second generation charger, but Dodge still managed to live up to the Challenger, as evidenced by the body style of the new Challenger R / T 2019.

Plum Crazy 2019 Dodge Challenger RT

After the Hellcat and Demon models hit the market, the Challenger received a slight facelift to match the newer design. Since then, the Challenger has looked as good as angry!

The HEMI V8 package, the choice of a manual transmission and a future “classic of the future” make the Challenger R / T 2018-’19 one of our first choices.

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5 2018 Ford Mustang GT – $ 29,000

2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium

This choice is a gimmick, so to speak. Since the 1980s, the Ford Mustang has been a true example of the low-cost American muscle car. Although sensible from the start, a lightly used one is a far better bargain (and with just a little more miles).

2018 Ford Mustang GT on the road
Car and driver

Depending on where you’re going / looking (whether it’s a dealer or a private seller), GTs can be available in all price ranges. Like other muscle cars, the Mustang also has many additional moldings and add-ons that increase resale – depending on the item, of course.

But even with a fully loaded Mustang GT Premium, we’d be surprised to find one for more than about ~ $ 32,000 or so; $ 28,000 lowest.

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4th 2019 Subaru WRX – ~ $ 28,000

2019 Subaru WRX

Those of us who aren’t always interested in straight-line racing or muscle cars might want something other than a Challenger or an expensive BMW. Instead, we look to Japan for our share of cheap, effective and stunning cars. Case and point, the 2019 Subaru WRX!

2019 Subaru WRX and STI parked together
Motor Authority

Offroad, onroad, rally, road racing and everything in between. The WRX excels in all cases! For a while we worried about the fate of the WRX; whether it would be discontinued like the Mitsubishi EVO. Fortunately, it’s still there. Now we can get older models for a lot less money without worrying about their value exploding out of nowhere (at least before we get our hands on one).

3 2017 Toyota 86 – $ 20,000

2019 Toyota 86
Car shovels

Speaking of cool Japanese sports cars, there is another one that has steadily grown in popularity over the past few years. None less than the Toyota 86 (formerly known as Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ).

2019 Toyota 86 rear section
Road & Route

With the separation of Subaru from Toyota’s current ’86 design, the two models have diversified. The BRZ is the new, updated model, while the Toyota 86 still has the original body shape. Hence, the 86 will get a lot less over time as long as the look stays the same.

If we were, we’d keep the original anyway. Plus, it looks a lot better on a Toyota badge than it does on a Subaru.

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2 2020 Honda Civic Si – $ 23,000

Honda Civic Si 2020 on the track
Road & Route

We have been on this website countless times pleaded for the Honda Civic to be one of the best entry-level sports cars, best value for money and much more. Now imagine how much better the value could be if you waited a year or two.

2020 Honda Civic Si sedan rear section

For example, suppose you find a well-maintained, year-old, low-mileage Honda Civic, and the odds are it is well below its initial MSRP. With a little over 10,000 – 20,000 kilometers and the depreciation, we would not be surprised if there were even cheaper models than we have listed here.

1 Volkswagen Golf GTI – $ 24,000

Volkswagen Golf GTI on the road

Volkswagen hasn’t been the most impressive automaker lately. After the emissions scandal some time ago, consumers were suspicious of VW. But even if the rest of the company falls by the wayside, some things will never change. First and foremost are the Golf models!

Volkswagen Golf GTI rear
Hot Cars HQ

The golf has always been a perfect “hot hatch” for all income groups. The size makes it usable in densely populated urban areas, but without sacrificing internal storage space and comfort. But for us car lovers, performance is the most important thing! The GTIs will satisfy those cravings at a reasonable price, but ‘R’ trimmings will go further (though not without more money).

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