Toews says farmers plan for 2022 after tough 2021

“I hope we can produce a good crop in our region, the Peace region, as well as the whole province next year and take advantage of these excellent commodity prices because, at the same time, our costs are increasing. “

Toews says the drought caused yields to drop in 2021.

He tells EverythingGP, that his family’s beef farm near Beaverlodge had about a third of the feed supply it would get in a normal year.

He adds that what he describes as “a generational drought” has been particularly difficult for producers who ended up having to pay futures contracts for their crops after being hit by drought and rising commodity prices.

“I cannot stress enough that this is difficult for the local farmers in the area. “

“Again, these high commodity prices are welcome, and it looks like they’re going to hold up over the next year and so we really hope we can grow a good crop (and take advantage of) these high commodity prices. raw materials for next year, ”he explained.

Toews says farmers are making plans for next year.

“I hope their crops were secure. We pushed the AFSC over the summer and fall to assess the crops as quickly as possible so that the farmers could benefit from the insurance they purchased.

“I hope most will be able to plan for next year and hopefully get a good harvest at these prices.”

Toews says AgriRecovery has brought some relief to cattle ranchers who have had to purchase feed and hopes that along with crop insurance this has helped primary producers.

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