Top Directors Purchases: Ancius’ $ 448.4K bet on FAST

TThe directors of a company usually have a unique insight into the business. Therefore, when directors make major purchases, it is advisable for investors to keep this in mind. Probably the only reason a director of a company would take his hard-earned money and use it to buy stocks in the open market is because he expects to make money – he may find the stock very undervalued or see it there is exciting progress in the company or maybe both. In this series, we look at the largest insider purchases by corporate executives in the past six months, one of which invested a total of $ 448.4,000 in 5 purchases from Michael J. Ancius, director of Fastenal Co. (symbol: FAST). .

Bought insider title Shares Price / share value
October 21, 2020 Michael J. Ancius director 550 $ 44.30 $ 24,365.00
01/21/2021 Michael J. Ancius director 600 $ 48.41 $ 29,049.00
01/25/2021 Michael J. Ancius director 770 $ 47.50 $ 36,575.00
05.03.2021 Michael J. Ancius director 4,626 $ 44.15 $ 204,245.24
05.03.2021 Michael J. Ancius director 3,486 $ 44.22 $ 154,153.64

The average cost of Ancius is $ 44.70 / share. Fastenal Co. shares changed hands the last time it was checked, trading up roughly 0.1% on Friday. The following chart shows the one-year performance of the FAST share compared to the 200-day moving average:

Looking at the graph above, FAST’s low in its 52-week area is $ 26.715 per share, with $ 51.89 as a 52-week high, compared to a last trade of 47.52 U.S. dollar.

Fastenal Co.’s current annualized dividend is $ 1.12 / share, which is currently paid in quarterly installments, and the last ex-date of the dividend was 02/02/2021. Below is a long-term dividend history chart for FAST that can be of great help in assessing whether the last dividend should continue at around the 2.4% annualized return.

FAST + dividend + history + chart

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