Under attack from the BJP, the MVA government will spend Rs 16.53 cr on a special advertising campaign from January to March

Under attack from the BJP, the government of Maha Vikas Aghadi led by Shiv Sena will conduct a special publicity campaign from January to March spending Rs 16.53 crore to project a series of his achievements despite the coronavirus pandemic during of his term of more than two years. The media blitzkrieg aims to counter criticism of the BJP and paint the image of the MVA government as pro-people and pro-development despite the Center’s abandonment of the principle of cooperative and competitive federalism. Apart from traditional media which includes newspapers, radio and TV, the government will make extensive use of OTT platforms, social media, BotChat, FMs, community radio, street plays and artist groups in the image building exercise.

The government’s decision is significant as Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray recovers from spinal surgery and the rift between the government and governor widens over a number of issues including amendments to the law on public universities to cut the powers of the governor and the refusal of the governor to approve the government’s proposal on the election of the president by voice vote instead of secret ballot following changes in the rules of the assembly.

The state General Administration Department on Thursday issued a government resolution granting financial and administrative approval for expenditure worth Rs 16.53 crore on the special publicity campaign for 2021-22.

Of which Rs 4 crore will be spent on advertisements in print media on government projects and programs strictly adhering to the electoral code of conduct, Rs 60 lakh will be spent on spreading government messages on various OTT platforms including compensation of farmers affected by various natural calamities, implementation of crop loan exemption scheme, 0% agricultural loan to farmers, ShivBhojan and also how Maharashtra continues to be the preferred destination and has attracted investment from more than Rs 2 lakh crore despite the COVID-19 crisis. The advertising campaign on OTT platforms will start in January.

The government will spend Rs 1.45 crore on creatives for advertisements to run in print, electronic and social media on various development works including Mumbai Nagpur Samruddhi Marg Lighthouse, Mumbai Coastal Road, Mumbai Trans Harbor Link.

In addition, Rs 80 lakh will be spent on short films on various development works to be aired on Sahyadri in January-February, Rs 2.60 crore on publication of government interviews and messages on private Marathi news channels shortlisted by the Publicity and Visual Publicity Directorate, Rs 4.05 crore on 1,000 billboards, Rs 1.30 crore on street plays and arts groups to advertise government programs.

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Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2022, 7:45 PM IST

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