Valdes in Salta bets on “workspace, constructive dialogue and joint agreements”

Governor Gustavo Valdés represents his presence at the Ninth Assembly of the Far North Regional Council, with the help of leaders from ten provinces of NOA and NEA, which is in plenary session in Salta, with a diverse agenda of topics, among which the creation of the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade in the region, the share of fuel Gas, the solar energy program and the law on the promotion of investment guarantee, among others, stand out.

Noting the importance of this meeting, Valdes explained that it aims at “a space for action, constructive dialogue and joint agreements” to promote the “equitable” development of the North-East and North-West provinces. from Argentina.

The meeting is chaired by the Nation’s Chief of Staff, Juan Mansour. Accompanied by the Minister of Social Development Juan Zabaleta. territory secretary, Sylvina Patakis; and Energy Secretary Dario Martinez, among other national officials.

before the meeting, the leaders of Salta, Gustavo Sainz; from Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora, also pro-Norte Grande president; From Missions, Oscar Herrera Hoods; from Catamarca, Raúl Jalil; from Corrientes, Gustavo Valdes; De Jujuy, Gerardo Morales; from La Rioja, Ricardo Quintella; and from Tucuman, Osvaldo Galdo; Together with Capitanich and the Lieutenant of the Governor of Formosa, Eber Wilson, the institutional photo was taken at the monument to General Martín Miguel de Güemes.

Then they headed to the Sheraton Hotel in the capital of Salta, where the activities began.

Today’s agenda includes 9 items, including the signing of the regional integration agreement in Norte Grande; Creation of the Norte Grande Foreign Investment and Trade Agency with the Federal Investment Council (CFI); And the problem of fuel and gas quotas.

Likewise, the chiefs analyze the promotion of the investment guarantee law; Purchase of medical cannabis Argentinian electric mobility Solar energy; The promotion of automotive and agricultural industries.

Other topics are the realization of Expo Norte Grande; propose a pre-investment program; From the work of the Federal Infrastructure Trust Fund and the work of the District Program.

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