Vegetable grower in Sonoma County, CA – Money Diary

Job: vegetable farmer
Industry: Agriculture
Age: 33
Location: Sonoma County, CA
Salary: $17,000
net worth: ~$2.5M ($1.33M escrow, $865K my half of the farm property, no mortgage, $300K savings/checking accounts (less by the end of the week), $46K in a farm business account as of this week) )
Debts: $0
Paycheck amount (2x/month): $662
Pronoun: you/they

Monthly expenses
Housing: $8,500/year for my half of the property taxes
Mobile: $124 (I pay for the family plan which includes my mom and sister)
car insurance: $129.90 (I pay for insurance on my car and farm truck)
Gas/Electric: My sister pays
Internet: $65
Agricultural insurance: $3,749/year
HBO: $12
Netflix: $0 (I use my mother’s)
New York Times: $15
Donate: $200 (because the money I inherited is a chunk rather than a large monthly income, I’m happy to give larger chunks as specific projects/causes arise, but I have set up $200/month for the work I support want consistently)

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