What relegation would mean for Everton – The Athletic

Twelve games, 36 points, six chances for Goodison’s bear pit to roar.

Everton still have a lot to play for as they fight to prevent a dismal season from turning into something much worse.

Victory over Newcastle United tonight (Thursday), with a handful of games in hand, could change the increasingly desperate mood music around the venue, but even that couldn’t completely quell fears that this proud club drop out of the top flight for the first time in 71 years.

As talk of relegation becomes more relevant, the potential ramifications of this come under closer scrutiny.

The Athletic examine the possible consequences of Everton’s relegation from the Premier League.

“It’s probably the worst time for Everton to go through this after the string of cumulative losses,” says Dr Rob Wilson, football finance expert at Sheffield Hallam University.

“It’s really problematic. Every position you finish in the Premier League, the higher you go, you earn around £2.5m. But this year, Everton are set to finish in the bottom quarter, which can wipe out up to £25m of their earnings (in prize money). This puts more pressure on their ability to meet their financial obligations.

Everton have a very high wage bill, considered the seventh highest in the division. Their latest set of accounts, from 2019-20, showed a wage bill totaling £165million.

Salaries accounted for 89% of their income. Everton have said they will prioritize bringing this to a more sustainable level, but such a sharp turnaround cannot happen overnight.

It is, however, expected this summer that they will be able to recover considerable sums in wages from players leaving at the end of their contract.

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