Yakuza Like A Dragon: How To Make Money Fast

Yakuza: Like a dragon includes, well, the yakuza. And do you know what moves your world? Money. Yen, to be precise – and a lot of it. As you progress through the main story and dig into many of the sub-stories, you will definitely want to have large wads of cash on hand to purchase new weapons, new armor, healing items, and more. To help you out, I’ve put together a few simple tips to help you help you make money fast.

Here’s how you can make money fast in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

Best Ways to Make Quick Money in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

In Yakuza Like a Dragon, having lots of money is very important. You will need it to buy combat items, complete certain side quests, and more. That is why we have listed the best ways to make money below.

Start fighting

Defeat enemies in battle and you will always get some yen. Sometimes it’s a fair amount, sometimes it’s not too much. But as Tesco (UK supermarket chain, for you US people) says: “Every little bit helps”. You don’t get much at the start of the game, but as you start leveling up you will come across higher level enemies who will drop more yen when you knock them to the ground.

Treasure hunt

You’ll automatically learn how to do this in Chapter 3, and it basically means looking for anything on the bottom of vending machines – literally anything. Often you don’t find much, but every now and then you grab a bronze plate, an iron plate or something more valuable. You can sell these for a good chunk of yen at the pawn shop, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Sell, sell, sell

Yakuza: Like a dragon full of items, many of which you probably won’t need. This is especially true as you start to outperform the gear you’ve equipped. If so, make sure to sell it at Benten Pawn, which is located on Misaki Street in Yokohama.

Oh, and sometimes you can find bronze, iron, platinum, or diamond plates by helping the citizens of Yokohama or looking for scrap under a vending machine. Again, make sure that you sell these in the pawn shop as well. As you’d expect, bronze and iron won’t get you much, but the latter can make thousands of yen!

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to unlock Benten Pawn, but you can do so once you can roam Yokohama in Chapter 3. Go to the sub-story marker on Misaki Street and walk to the large garbage heap to start Substory 4: One Man’s Trash.

Complete this sub-story and you will unlock the important pawn shop.

Become manager of the year

Towards the end of Chapter 5, you’ll unlock the Management mini-game. It’s a pretty complex animal that leaves you running business, hiring people, and getting stuck in heated shareholders’ meetings.

Don’t miss this mini-game! Make sure you invest the time training your employees to choose the right companies to invest in and you will be making millions of yen very, very quickly later in fact.

Be a part time hero

You will automatically meet Hiro, the owner of Part Time Hero, at the beginning of Chapter 5. He will assign you a series of fetch quests where you have to tick things like “Defeat X enemies”, “Find X items”. , and so forth. Many of them will naturally complete you as the game progresses, but some of them are worth tackling right away for decent cash wins. We’re talking tens of thousands of yen at a time for pretty simple work.

Part Time Hero plays an important role in earning millions of yen early on. I’ll go into this in the following sections.

Channel your inner gladiator

If you manage to collect 3 million yen in Chapter 12, fantastic, this is exactly what you need to unlock the arena. It’s, as you’d expect, a glove full of waves of increasingly difficult enemies. You work your way up several floors, with each floor granting you seriously powerful equipment and valuable loot. Besides, money!

Keep grinding the arena and you will earn not only lots of XP but lots of yen as well.

Quests to make money early

If you’re struggling to make ends meet early on in Yakuza: Like The A Dragon story, fear not because I’ve listed some quests below that you should complete as soon as possible.

Do you have milk?

When you get to chapter 4 of the story, keep an eye out for a side story marker very near Otohime Land where you need to go to the main story. It’s about getting hot water for a guy clutching baby milk.

I’m not going to go any further into spoiler territory, but completing this quest will give you a cool 20,000 yen, which is a pretty big deal to start with as it will at least help you buy new gear.

Find all the Kappa statues

For one of the part-time hero quests, you’ll need to track down ten Kappa statues scattered around Yokohama. They look like humanoid frogs with water lily leaves on their heads.

One of the Kappa statues on the riverside in downtown Yokohama.

I’ve put together a guide on the subject where you can find all ten kappa statues, and if you manage to tick them all off, you will get a whopping 2 million yen.

Remember, you will only unlock this quest in chapter 5 of the story.

Find all of Hiro’s missing cats

Around the middle of Chapter 5, Part Time Hero’s Hiro will task you with finding his missing cats. Complete this quest and you will earn another 2 million yen – beautiful (along with a few other little things).

Make sure you take a look at mine Guide to cat locations when you want to track them all down with minimal effort.

That’s all for this page, but stay tuned for more Yakuza: Like A Dragon guides. As we work on more, be sure to check out our guide how many chapters are there in the game.

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